İngilizce Seviye Tespit Sınavı 1.Bölüm


    Başlamak üzere olduğunu online ingilizce sınavı 50 sorudan oluşmaktadır ve 3 bölümdür.

    1- GRAMMAR


    3- READING

    Her soru 2 puandır ve sınav bitiminde mail adresinize aldığınız puan ve ingilizce seviyeniz gönderilecektir.

    Hi there!

    The online english exam you are about to start has 50 questions with 3 parts.

    1- GRAMMAR


    3- READING

    Each question is 2 points and after the exam we wil email the results to you email with you english level.

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    Is there__________ butter in the cupboard?
    Your new question!
    The flights will be cancelled if it________ ,
    If i were you, i_______ their invitation.

    You should focus_____ your study to be successful.
    Unless we _______ early, we may not get a good seat.
    Arizona is one of the________ states in the United States.
    He is_______ busy to see you now.
    Steve can’t play chess,_______ can Tom.
    John___ wear glasses. He can’t see very well.
    Laura plays tennis,_________ do i.
    I found the story_______ .
    James was_______ the doctor’s.

    She often reads______ she’s eating.
    He has worked in the bank_____ two years.
    i haven’t got a visa, but I’ll need________ .
    The weather isn’t_________ .
    Kate_______ playing tennis.
    They have plenty of time. They______ hurry.
    I’m sorry, but i_______ yet.
    Julia _______ a bath when the phone rang,
    He asked the teacher to speak_______
    _____ Sam nor Linda was happy to see each other.
    The newspaper___ at 7 o’clock every morning.
    My mother is a nurse. She looks_____ people who are ill.
    He doesn’t know _____ about birds.
    Nadya knows _____ about chemistry.
    A: Shall we go out?
    B: No, it_______ .

    _____ you ever______ Indian food?

    Apart from those three very cold weeks in January, it has been a very_____ winter.

    There is a real concern that food supplies will not be _____ to feed the

    increasing world population.
    The court ____ her of helping the murderer to escape.
    You must obtain _____ from the landowner to fish in this river.
    The use of plastic for shoes____ of leather has ruined shoe repairing a business.
    Her husband felt it would be silly to_____ the color of the curtains before they had painted the room.
    The___ of ice-cream sold increases sharply in the summer months.
    The doctor told him to go on a diet______ he was overweight.
    She wrote her name on ____________ book.
    That cake is delicious, but I can’t eat_____ more.
    He has spent a large _____ of money on his new house.
    The women are not interested___ the demonstration in the park.
    The t-shirt is small for me. I’ll__________ it______ to the shop and change it.


    A – Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer.

    The amount of water used in the United States is quickly increasing. The country needs twice as much water as it did ten years ago. Much of the nation’s water, however, is polluted. Some experts say that ninety percent of the country’s major rivers are polluted. In recent years, however, the United States has begun to clean up its water supply.

    The amount of water used in the United States is____________ .

    The country needs______ water than it did ten years ago.

    ______ percent of the country’s major rivers are not polluted.
    The United States has recently begun to__________ its water supply.
    B – Read this passage carefully, then choose the correct answer:

    The dark street seemed to be moving in to the land on the south side of the lake and as it went away from the lighted skyline it became invisible against the background of the southern hills.

    “Can you see him?” Inspector Grant asked anxiously “I can’t.”

    “Yes, he’s making into the south shore. Don’t worry; we’ll be there before he makes it,” answered Drysdale.

    In a moment or two Grant could see the boat again. The man was rowing desperately for the shore. When the boats were about fifty yards apart. Lamont suddenly stopped rowing. He ‘s given it up, thought Grant. Then he saw that the man was bending down in the boat. “Does he think we’re going to shoot?” thought Grant, puzzled.

    And then, when Drysdale had shut off the engine and they were approaching him with a smooth leisureliness, Lament, coatless and hatless, sprang to his feet and then to the gunnels, as if to dive. His stockinged foot slipped on the wet gunnels, his feet went from under him. With a sickening crack that they heard quite distinctly, the back of his head hit the boat and lie disappeared under water.

    Grant had his coat and boots off by the time they were close to him. He went over the side. Six or seven seconds later a dark head broke the surface, and Grant hauled the unconscious man to the boat, and with Drysdale’s help pulled him in. The man was completely knocked out, and was bleeding from a cut on the back of the head.

    As Lamont was heading for the south side of the lake .
    Grant was afraid he might lose Lamont, because _________
    Lamont stopped rowing and bent down in the boat, because_______ .
    Lamont sprang up on the front of the boat and _________
    When Grant pulled Lamont into the boat, Lamont was-_______