İngilizce Seviye Tespit Sınavı 2.Bölüm


    Başlamak üzere olduğunu online ingilizce sınavı 50 sorudan oluşmaktadır ve 3 bölümdür.

    1- GRAMMAR


    3- READING

    Her soru 2 puandır ve sınav bitiminde mail adresinize aldığınız puan ve ingilizce seviyeniz gönderilecektir.

    Hi there!

    The online english exam you are about to start has 50 questions with 3 parts.

    1- GRAMMAR


    3- READING

    Each question is 2 points and after the exam we wil email the results to you email with you english level.

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    My father has been in Germany____________1980.
    Nick hasn’t been here ________
    Can’t find my glasses__________
    Why don’t we go tonight___________?
    We speak good English. So_____________
    I haven’t bought a dictionary’ yet. My friend____________ either
    I’m going to travel tomonrow. I ‘ll____________ get up early.

    The boss told ___________to work harder.

    When I left home it_____________________
    I’m going to take my raincoat. It____________ rain later.
    Carol has _______________been to my house.
    “Where is your sister?” “She has _______________to school.”
    She will never forget him as long as she ____________________
    Rain forests ____________destroyed every year.
    I have never read it _________________
    You __________pass your exam if you don’t work hard.
    I can’t go to the party _______________I have to study for the exam.
    If I knew his telephone number, I _________ call him if you want.
    She was making a coffee ______________I arrived.
    She quit  _______________after her doctor’s advice.
    ___________my grandmother can’t hear you.
    She didn’t need any help. She did it _____ her own.
    The Lexington Murderer________ from prison last week.
    I’m sorry, I am____ to accept your offer.
    The exploration team_____________ from the Arctic on the 5th of November.
    Ali is a workaholic. He______ be one of the most hard working people i know.
    If  ___________you had told me the truth!
    Amy is angry’_______ Tim.
    I don’t feel like_________ tonight.
    It was______ first time, I had seen_____ advert for MP3 players in_____ newspaper.
    If the computer hadn’t been invented. I wouldn’t______ find things so quickly now.
    James was________ the doctor’s.
    They have plenty of time. They_______ hurry.

    There is real concern that food supplies will not be____ to feed the increasing world population.
    The court______ her of helping the murderer to escape.
    The__ of ice-cream sold increases sharply in the summer months.
    She wrote her name on ________ book.
    ______ me not to forget my umbrella. I might forget it.
    Jim didn’t study for the exam; ____________he did very well.
    _____ John___ his friends were expecting us for the party; so they were very surprised when they saw us.
    All doctors of the hospital, when going on holiday, should leave a phone number so that we can call them in case of a(n)_____case.
    Find the synonym of the red colored words in questions.

    Fresh air and sunshine are beneficial.
    She carefully considered the matter before making a final decision
    Albert said that it was essential for us to leave immediately,
    PART 3  - READING 1

    Read two texts and answer the following questions.

    Treasure Island

    … At last in strode the captain, slammed the door behind him, without looking to the right or left, and marched straight across the room to where his breakfast awaited him.

    “Bill,” said the stranger in a voice that I thought he had tried to make bold and big.

    The captain spun round on his heel and fronted us; all the brown had gone out of his face, and even his nose was blue; he had the look of a man who sees a ghost, or the evil one, or something worse, if anything can be; and upon my word, I felt sorry to see him all in a moment turn so old and sick.

    “Come, Bill, you know me; you know an old shipmate, Bill, surely,” said

    the stranger.

    The captain made a sort of gasp. “Black Dog!” said he…

    How many people were parts of this scene?
    How do you think the captain felt when he saw Black Dog?


    Thunderstorms (rainstorms with thunder and lightning) usually contain updrafts, which are large rising swells of warm, moist air. As the updraft moves, it rotates and the storm can change into a tornado or funnel cloud (a tornado whose bottom does not touch the ground).

    Most tornadoes form within an especially intense weather system known as a supercell. Supercell thunderstorms occur when warm air breaks through a stable layer of air and continues upward into a zone of cool, dry air. This can produce the rotating movement of a tornado. Within, the strongest tornadoes, wind speeds can approach 300 miles per hour.

    One of the most dangerous aspects of tornadoes is their unpredictability. You can never know what a tornado will do or how damaging it may be. Scientists still cannot predict exactly when and where a tornado will appear.

    What is the difference between a funnel cloud and a tornado?
    What speed can winds reach within a tornado?
    Which one is not a feature of tornadoes?
    What does unpredictability mean?